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Xmas gift

If you’ve ever received a Christmas or birthday gift that was wrapped so beautifully that you didn’t want to disturb the packaging you’ll know that, much as you admired the presentation, you wouldn’t dream of keeping the thing sealed and intact – you just naturally rip into the sticky tape and open it up. 

It struck me, as I was wandering around Woolworths this morning and listening to Christmas carols, that intuition is like a surprise gift.

Sometimes it shows up as a very quiet whisper, just a slight inclination towards something or in a particular direction, and we have to open the package up to be clear about what it’s suggesting. But opening the package means taking a step in that direction, which can be risky.

That was absolutely my experience last year when I found myself battling an intuition to part ways with my long-time partner and explore a relationship with a new man. Could I trust this intuition? The ramifications for me, my partner, and my family were huge, whether it worked out or not.

As you know, if you’ve been following my story, I paid attention to the tiny whisper and last February I took the leap – and my whole life is in the process of transforming as a result. 

My decision sent a shock-wave through our family, and I’m utterly touched and grateful for each person’s response, because we are still a very united family.

Then last week the universe decided to send me another ‘intuition package’.

New partner Albert and I had begun to look at properties to buy, and we’d been looking in our comfort zone around Melbourne, when some impulse had him click on a regional Victorian suburb – and there we found a house that grabbed our attention. In fact, there were a few compelling possibilities. 

‘Double my travelling times? Surely not!’ was the comment my conscious mind made about this option. But something was drawing me in that direction. Not only is the house lovely, light-filled and quirky, but the outlook is just gorgeous: big picture windows across the back of the house looking onto a variety of trees, a slope down to a creek walk, and then the hill rising on the other side of the creek where we’ll be able to see people’s house lights at night. And it’s all in our financial sweet spot.

We have no idea what the outcome of this leap of faith will be, but we are trusting that it will be worth the risk we’ve just taken. And we’re trusting it simply because we feel like trusting it. We feel that we are being called on an adventure.

Especially as, on our first view of the new house, we came across a blackboard in the kitchen where someone had scribbled this:

Author msg Drovers

As the author of The Mastery Club and The Hidden Order, and indeed, Wanted: Greener Grass, which are all about consciously creating your reality, there couldn't have been a more perfect resonance than this ‘random' comment... 

Here’s to YOU receiving some intuition gifts that you are inspired to act on – and discovering some magnificent surprises inside.

Stay tuned for the outcome of this latest leap...

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