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Trump the Hunters become the HuntedWe’re all doing a wild ride this year and I am loving where it is taking us! We can now see, more clearly than ever, who has been ‘driving the world’, what their true agendas are, and how we can take back the reins of our lives!

Yvonne ChamberlainWhat would you do if that was what the doctor said to you?

Yvonne Chamberlain said, ‘No way!’ and she headed in the opposite direction – to Mexico.

Yvonne shares exactly what she was advised to do at the clinic in Mexico and then at the Gerson Institute where she signed up for a health program and then studied with them. There might be a few gory details but you can deal with them!

I'm sure you will enjoy and appreciate Yvonne's story in this 35-minute conversation. I was touched by Yvonne’s honesty as she shared her journey, which including facing some home truths about her attitude to life and her husband.

Stand by for more inspiring interviews as I interview people who have used natural means to recover from cancer as part of my campaign to launch my new novel, Power of the Light, which is about a boy whose father has cancer.

information overload pexels Our ideas and beliefs are all formed in response to the information we absorb. We are overwhelmed with information these days, and very often the source of that information is suspect. How do we evaluate our sources of information? One key tool that every human being has access to is Common Sense.

There are so many violations of common sense in the way the current ‘pandemic’ is being managed that I am truly gobsmacked. (Eg. Why does the virus only attack people shopping in small ‘non-essential’ businesses, while it stays out of the superstores like Coles, Woolworths, Bunnings, etc.? Why are masks, which don't prevent the transmission of viruses but do pose dangers to our health, being widely mandated?)

Perhaps the most stunning loss of Common Sense is reflected in the facts about how viruses occur and how we develop strong immune systems that

Shakespeare MabacamTo mask, or not to mask: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the home to suffer
The rules and directives of the powers that be
Or to take arms against a sea of contradictions,
And by opposing end them? To succumb: to sleep;
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That a citizen is heir to, ’tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d.

Anita BentataYou are probably aware that the actual statistics for the Covid19 event we are experiencing fall way short of the extreme 'plague-like' numbers that were initially touted. 2017 and 2018 are still considered to have been much more serious flu seasons than the current one, but there was no lockdown back then; it was just dealt with in the normal fashion.

The current extreme measures of house arrests, behavioural control and a vaccine that is being rushed through without any safety tests is suspicious, to say the least. But the immediate troubling fallout of global lockdown is the economic hardship and stress being experienced around the world. That's not to say that

curtainsMore than ever, it is time to hold the vision of co-creating the world we want to experience. The world today is not as it was…

And I’m not talking about the virus and lockdown. For sure everything has changed due to the ‘deadly’ virus but once you look behind the curtain, you discover so much more you hadn’t known that the whole world changes shape.

More and more people are beginning to ask questions about the virus and lockdown. One of my chief values is independent thought. I hope you'll join me in exploring some of the issues we are facing today...


More people, even in mainstream, are wondering why there are such severe travel restrictions given what is now emerging about the virus:

  • that it’s not nearly as dangerous as we were initially told
  • that the rate of death is on par with any year’s influenza statistics. (Details on this point below.)
  • that it is pneumonia in the wake of the virus that kills, not the virus itself. (See video link with epidemiologist below)
  • that the calls for a vaccine are suspicious since a patent for the virus was applied for in 2006 (US2006257852), and a patent for the vaccine was applied for in 2014 and granted in November 2019 (EP3172319B1)…

And then there are questions about the lockdown and enforced separations:

action ballsDid you know that Isaac Newton wrote his great work, Principia, during the Black Plague, when the university where he worked was closed for nearly two years from 1665 to late 1666?

During his ‘lockdown’ at home, Newton researched mathematics, physics and optics, and laid out the three laws of motion.

What are YOU doing with your time?

So far three new people have contacted me seeking book coaching or writing classes in order to take advantage of this period to work on their own projects. I’d love to support you too – and your kids!

Here are some options that might suit:

woman in mask holding toilet paperWe are living in extraordinary times. This is a unique world experience that we are having right now, and truly the biggest virus is probably fear. So here are some thoughts that I hope will serve you in combating anxiety and finding the upside of the coronavirus health issue and lockdown.

I call my e-newsletter/blog ‘The Whole News’ because I want to train myself to look at an issue completely; I want to be able to see both the benefits and the drawbacks, since every issue in life is two-sided. There are benefits for us personally and nationally and internationally. Here are some of my thoughts – please share your ideas in the comments area below.


LeeKofman ImperfectI’ve just finished reading a book called Imperfect – How Our Bodies Shape The People We Become by Lee Kofman.

Lee was scarred as a result of several major operations when she was a child from injuries sustained in a bus accident and from a defective heart. To begin with, she saw her scars as ‘badges of honour’ but as a young woman in Israel,

women at sunsetOkay, at one level that’s a weird question because obviously anyone can set goals, and certainly anyone who needs to achieve a big task is wise to break it down into achievable goals. But I thought I’d share a few related ideas about feminine energy and the goal-setting process...

For example, have you heard of Claire Zammit and her organisation Feminine Power / Evolving Wisdom? She offers some wonderful courses (that I intend to do some time soon!) in which she explains her perspective that men and women should go about their goals in quite different ways

YLA uproariousLast Saturday my two sisters and I shared stories about our childhood and the many books we read and how our mother's childhood trauma affected our lives as part of a presentation at Mentone Public Library. We were all very big readers and my younger sister Anita remembers us sitting around the kitchen table engrossed in our library books while eating fresh peas out of the pod. Occasionally she would discover a worm, and then feel sick at the thought that she might have already eaten one…

My older sister Yvette remembers us reading as we walked to and from our primary school.

Nicky Manning

Last blog I mentioned that I have a new Mastery Club Facilitator on board. Nicky Manning first contacted me five years ago expressing interest in training as a facilitator – but life had other ideas! (No straight lines…)

When her family decided to start home educating in 2019, she contacted me with plans to begin the school week with a Mastery Club session. The group would include her 12-year-old daughter, her daughter’s friend (also home-schooling), and her 24-year-old daughter-in-law, and we’d meet via Skype due to the distances.

We scheduled our sessions for 9 a.m. Mondays and, aside from the odd technical issue, soon I was visiting their lounge room via Skype and leading them through the 10-week course.

The beauty of this program is that it combines powerful information about the mind and universal laws (via video clips, stories and activities) with a goal-setting support group. Each person chose a goal to achieve by the 10th session.