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Wanted_Greener Grass cover

My new novel, WANTED: GREENER GRASS – A novel about love, envy, and a crazy kind of courage was launched by Dr Rosemary McCallum on Sunday 26th November at The Highway Gallery in Mt Waverley. (We also launched my new song, ‘Looking For Me’)  

I wanted to create something I’m calling ‘Conscious Chick-Lit’: a light romance with some depth. So far readers are saying it delivers that.

This novel is about envy, relationships, and the journey we go on in figuring out what we really want. While I wrote it as pure fiction there are definite overlaps with my own life. If you’ve been following my blogs you’ll be aware of the bizarre ‘life imitating art’ experience I’ve just been through. 

In the aftermath of writing this novel my own life was turned upside down. Just a week after I’d finished writing it a new man came into my life, and within a very short period of time my long-time and much-loved partner Derek Rawson and I separated. We are still good friends – in fact, Derek has once again produced this book for me… a poignant experience for him. He’s now living in Queensland following some of his own dreams.

Here's the back cover blurb:

The eternal hunger for fulfilment is the catalyst in this story about a couple who recommit to their marriage – and in the process come close to destroying it. 

Mia and John’s relationship has become flat and boring and she’s over her job. So when John heads to England for his father’s funeral she feels relieved and excited – and ready for something new.

But while overseas John has been making some big decisions of his own, and he returns a changed man. Suddenly he is much more committed… but something isn’t right. 

When the truth is finally revealed, Mia is devastated. Her world has been turned upside down and she finds herself caught in the middle of a moral and ethical dilemma. And does she dare reveal her own secret?

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