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sick in bedDuring my novel-writing course one student explained her absence the previous week with the excuse that she had ‘the plague’. Quite acceptable in the middle of winter. 

Another student justified her lack of writing progress with a blush and the comment that a past lover had come back into her life – they’d been burning the candle at both ends. The whole class thoroughly enjoyed this excuse – there was lots of laughter and envy. feet in bed

But then this student capped her explanation with the very impressive declaration that she has booked tickets to and accommodation in the Maldives for this October to finish writing her novel.

We were all stopped in our tracks, and her comment brought to mind a lesson I learnt many years ago in a personal development program that if you personally can’t follow through on a promise, at least take responsibility for making sure that a Plan B is in place. (Or in this case, if you can’t do it now, make sure you have a solid plan for later.)

It’s not always easy. Sometimes the thing we’ve promised falls away because we were depending on someone else who didn’t come through. Sometimes our plans are derailed by events so overwhelming or so beyond our power to change that we simply have to go with the flow until the tsunami lets up and we can gather the pieces of our lives together again. Sometimes our excuses are actually glimpses of truer values – we intend to do A, but B wins out because it’s actually more important to us.

Only you will know where your ‘reason’ lies on the continuum between ‘dignified’ and ‘pathetic’. :-)

PS Having said that, the interview I promised has been indefinitely delayed due to my not being able to reach the interviewee… :o

Did you know that there are 10 Terrains of Consciousness, and if you and your partner inhabit different ones, you might have trouble communicating?

If you’ve been following my story you know that my life changed significantly after writing Wanted: Greener Grass (ironically a book in which I talk about the illusion of ‘greener grass’…).

Tahnee WoolfA few months ago I came across a very honest, personal post by Renaissance woman Tahnee Woolf about the process she was going through in ‘consciously uncoupling’ from her partner Allen. They’d realised that while they had heaps in common, they had actually come together to co-create their Ten Terrains project rather than to be life partners, and had finally let go of their intimate relationship. But very soon after doing so, Allen met someone else and Tahnee felt quite challenged.

I responded to her post and we connected. I suggested an ‘interview/conversation’, and sent Tahnee a copy of Wanted: Greener Grass. That interview is available for you now – and it’s a rich and fascinating conversation about her work and the new model about levels of consciousness that she and her ex-partner are releasing, and about her and my evolving relationships.

You can listen or download here:

Next week I’ll be interviewing/talking with Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator Tanya Cross about the themes in Wanted: Greener Grass. Tanya is an extraordinary counsellor (she’s helped my family numerous times), and she has a particular interest in relationships and intimacy.

Meanwhile, enjoy my conversation with Tahnee. I'm sure you'll end up deciding to order her book, The Ten Terrains of Consciousnesstoo. I’ve just ordered mine!

Hautvillers Dagonet 4

The honeymoon was wonderful! We flew into Paris and visited Versailles – drove up to Reims to explore the gorgeous villages (and cellars) of the Champagne region – explored some of the chateaux along the River Loire – stayed with a delightful couple deep in the Limoges region of France where we somehow managed a rich conversation with their patchy English and my patchy French – explored the medieval city of Carcassonne… dropped into Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence – met and stayed with wonderful warm and open-hearted family in Cannes – realised a dream in Monte Carlo and on Lake Como – and discovered the Swiss Alps via train on the final leg of our adventure.

Angry dogsI was walking Sammy and Coco, our two Maltese Shitsu dogs, in my new suburb and heading toward my favourite street, a lane that borders paddocks, when they were attacked by two bulldogs that came hurtling out of a driveway, barking aggressively.

self harmingI had an unexpected realisation today. A friend has been taken ill and it struck me that a pretty good detox would probably handle much of the issue. This person is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy who has only lately begun to eat a few vegies. He’s dealing with a case of severe inflammation. 

A mutual friend asked me what I’d recommend for him, and while I’m no health practitioner, I know from experience the cleansing effects of a plant-based diet - and getting those old offenders out, at least for a period. (I.e. meat, dairy, sugar and soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, refined carbohydrates…)

Some of you will remember me hinting at a new book for youth that I’d be bringing out soon. The hint came several years ago, and the delay has been one of those ‘First Force, Second Force, Third Force’ situations that I describe in The Mastery Club!

QFR 3D cover

However the delays are sorted and I’m delighted to announce that the new book will be available for purchase very soon. I’m actually speaking at two events this month where I’ll have a few pre-launch copies for sale - you are welcome to join us - but the official launch event will be in the second half of the year when I’m back from my honeymoon (this June).

The title is Quest For Riches - 4 teenagers discover the keys to wealth and prosperity.

yin yang cricket ball 500pxI thought I’d weigh in with some thoughts about the cricket ball tampering issue. Given my value on 'The Whole News’, I’ve been pleased to see that the latest conversation about this issue has questioned the punishments imposed on the ‘guilty trio’.

I don’t follow cricket at all, and I’m no sports pro but I do have an appreciation of universal/natural laws and I don’t believe that any event is one-sided - either good or bad. It seems to me that there’s quite a bit of scapegoating happening here because we humans, we Australians, are loath to be completely honest or completely responsible.

– Two words that balance abuse, violence, humiliation and paralysing fear.

Rabia Siddique

On Friday my new husband and I were part of the opening ‘ceremony’ for the Professional Speakers of Australia National Convention. We were there as dancers in a fun presentation with the ‘grandfather' of professional public speaking in Australia, Winston Marsh, and his lovely wife Lauris, who has supported both Winston and the speaking industry for many years. For most of the rest of the weekend we were at leisure - a mini honeymoon since we haven't had ours yet after marrying three weeks ago. (It's coming up! Europe this June...)

But we were also invited, by conference convenor Glenn Capelli, to sit in on the Saturday morning session #PSABraveHearts.

Five women shared their stories of extraordinary bravery:

sunset hands love heartLove and infatuation have often been confused. The giddy falling-in-love period is a delight and a rush, and at first it's sad when that stage fades away and we begin to encounter the fires and trials that mature our love. But if infatuation grows into a stronger, steadier, deeper love then the loss is really just a transformation, as anyone who is in or has been in a long-term committed relationship understands.