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I was very touched by the turn-out for the launch of WANTED: GREENER GRASS, and especially delighted by the response from the first readers who are now finishing the book, such as:

'Enjoying so far... It's one of those books you have to keep reading... I love it. I found it hard not to highlight sentences I loved. The ending is so up my alley. You asked at your launch if we would like to know what happens next. Hell yes. Do it.'

'Started and finished your book today. Love it.'

Thank you to everyone who came along to celebrate with me!

Here's another way you can really help this self-published author: please take a few moments to post a comment on Amazon or Goodreads. If you love it, your enthusiasm will help me to spread the word! If you don't, there's no need to say anything untrue but please don't give away the ending! Thank you…

Here are some pics from the launch:

WGG launch meWGG launch PeterWGG launch pplWGG launch table

Thank you to all who came to celebrate, to all who helped put on the event – Cherie, Joane, Natalie, Yvette, Frank, Anita, Josie, Helen and Bill, Candice for the cakes – to Rosemary McCallum, my lovely guest speaker, to Marj and Alfred from The Highway Gallery, and to Albert, my new man, who opened the event. (Our next event is a wedding next year!)

Look out for news of another new book that I'll be launching in 2018 – this one again for youth.

Mira Tjakraatmadja

The process we went through in finding the right cover for this book was very drawn-out and frustrating! You just wouldn't believe how many concepts we explored before we ended up with the gorgeous cover we now have. I reckon, all up, close to 15 ideas. One of them ocurred to me at 2 o'clock in the morning. I got out of bed and sat on my office floor sketching and cutting and pasting and thought I'd found it! But there was always something that wasn't quite working, whether it was with the cover, the title, or the subtitle.