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sunset hands love womanLove and infatuation have often been confused. The giddy falling-in-love period is a delight and a rush, and at first it's sad when that stage fades away and we begin to encounter the fires and trials that mature our love. But if infatuation grows into a stronger, steadier, deeper love then the loss is really just a transformation, as anyone who is in or has been in a long-term committed relationship understands 

This Valentine’s Day, I hope that one or more of the following apply to you:
• that you are enjoying the pleasure of romance
• that you are experiencing an enrichment of your relationship
• that you are finding benefits in challenges…
If there appears to be no love in your life, then I encourage you to find what other forms it might be taking.
• do you have several warm friendships?
• are you learning to love and appreciate yourself, and be there for yourself when it seems that no one else is?
• do you have children or students who give you great joy?
• do you have loyal pets who love you unconditionally?
• do you feel a great love for nature or people in general or life itself?
I’m approaching my wedding day, and am feeling very loved and blessed at this time. I also still feel much love for my ex-partner and wish him only the best. Love is a complex dynamic. 
Especially complex in my whimsical ‘romance’, WANTED: GREENER GRASS - a novel about love, envy, and a crazy kind of courage. I received a phone call a few days ago from a Unity minister who had just finished reading it and couldn’t put it down. This book is certainly not for everyone, but it is for those who are interested in what it takes to build strong relationships. The Kindle version is only about $5 and hard copy is $22 if that appeals. 
Much love to you,

Special price on Champion Series inspiration for kids as the new school year begins!

DemartiniWhen I first heard Dr John Demartini speak I was blown away by his story of dyslexia and disabilities – dropping out of school at 14 – hitchhiking across America on his own – discovering the voice of his intuition – realising some of his dreams when just a teenager – finally learning to read at 17 – and ultimately becoming an internationally renowned genius, scholar, educator, business consultant and mega-millionaire…
I wrote a children’s story about Dr Demartini called The Boy Who Barked, which he endorsed, providing photos from his youth that our artist, Yvette Bentata-Moore, could model on.
DonTolmanAnd then my attention was caught by health educator Don Tolman and his extraordinary story of living in a tiny mining town in the States – unexpectedly going to the local church one day – hearing a story about Daniel and a food called ‘Pulse’ that guaranteed great health, stamina and mental acuity – beginning a 17-year long quest for the recipe – and ultimately finding it and becoming a world authority on health and wellness…
I wrote a children’s story about Don Tolman called The Boy Who Found His Pulse, with Don’s full support, and launched both books in 2008… ten years ago!
Well, being the 10th anniversary of these books and the beginning of a new school year, I’d like to now offer them at a greatly reduced price so that we can get these inspiring stories in front of many more kids.
BWB coverTBWFHP CoverThe original price was $19.95 per book. As of today they will only cost you $9.95 each and $19.95 for both. So think about the children in your life! If you feel they’d benefit from some encouragement in the area of learning or healthy eating habits, do consider this purchase as a 'back-to-school' gift for your children.  
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festive mealOn Boxing Day we had lunch with friends and one woman, who had just read WANTED: GREENER GRASS, commented that my new novel would be a raging bestseller if it weren’t for the ‘personal growth bits' in the book.

‘People don’t want that sort of thing,’ she said.

‘It’s my niche,’ I replied. ‘I share ideas that interest me through story.’ (After all, there are plenty of writers who deliver pure romance or pure action.)

She didn’t agree or approve.

Xmas gift

If you’ve ever received a Christmas or birthday gift that was wrapped so beautifully that you didn’t want to disturb the packaging you’ll know that, much as you admired the presentation, you wouldn’t dream of keeping the thing sealed and intact – you just naturally rip into the sticky tape and open it up. 

It struck me, as I was wandering around Woolworths this morning and listening to Christmas carols, that intuition is like a surprise gift.

I was very touched by the turn-out for the launch of WANTED: GREENER GRASS, and especially delighted by the response from the first readers who are now finishing the book, such as:

'Enjoying so far... It's one of those books you have to keep reading... I love it. I found it hard not to highlight sentences I loved. The ending is so up my alley. You asked at your launch if we would like to know what happens next. Hell yes. Do it.'

'Started and finished your book today. Love it.'

Thank you to everyone who came along to celebrate with me!

Mira Tjakraatmadja

The process we went through in finding the right cover for this book was very drawn-out and frustrating! You just wouldn't believe how many concepts we explored before we ended up with the gorgeous cover we now have. I reckon, all up, close to 15 ideas. One of them ocurred to me at 2 o'clock in the morning. I got out of bed and sat on my office floor sketching and cutting and pasting and thought I'd found it! But there was always something that wasn't quite working, whether it was with the cover, the title, or the subtitle. 

Wanted_Greener Grass cover

My new novel, WANTED: GREENER GRASS – A novel about love, envy, and a crazy kind of courage was launched by Dr Rosemary McCallum on Sunday 26th November at The Highway Gallery in Mt Waverley. (We also launched my new song, ‘Looking For Me’)  

I wanted to create something I’m calling ‘Conscious Chick-Lit’: a light romance with some depth. So far readers are saying it delivers that.

This novel is about envy, relationships, and the journey we go on in figuring out what we really want. While I wrote it as pure fiction there are definite overlaps with my own life. If you’ve been following my blogs you’ll be aware of the bizarre ‘life imitating art’ experience I’ve just been through. 

Engagement ring'Greener Grass' was the working title I gave my new novel because I wanted to explore the idea that we tend to think something else will be better than what we currently have. No wonder I was taken aback when the new man came into my life and I found that my life was imitating art: my long-time dream of a life partner who would share my interests was being realised, just as it is for the main character in my novel. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, my blog about the new novel and my seismic life changes is here.)

I've since changed the title of the novel for something more unique since those two words are already in great use (for novels, books and lawn mowing businesses!), and I'll announce the new title soon.

separation coupleWe’re encouraged to be grateful for what we have, and that’s very good and useful advice. But there’s also a place for 'divine discontent’: often our dissatisfaction with aspects of our lives gives us the ‘kick’ we need to create necessary changes.

That dissatisfaction can be particularly confusing when there are enough elements in our current situations that we genuinely value. Should we risk losing the valuable aspects in order to take a risk and reach out for something that might be better?